Q4 2016 CEO Report


Dear Members,
Welcome to your new and improved website for your credit union!  We are pleased to be able to offer you a more user friendly mobile site that now offers a mobile app for both Android and Apple users!

Since my appointment as your CEO in January, the staff and I have been working hard to make enhancements to RRCCU that will improve your member experience both onsite and online. We have made minor building improvements, upgraded our IT equipment, invested in technology so that you may access your account anywhere anytime, and continued to work with our partners to protect your information.

Rogue River Community Credit Union recognizes the changing technology landscape of the financial world. One area that has drawn a lot of attention is payment systems. The long-standing narrative is that credit card security is more secure than online security. Today, that narrative is more fiction than fact.

The reality is that concerns over security exist whether you are online, off-line, or on a mobile device. They exist with all payments and even cash. A common misconception is that off-line is safer than online, but this is changing because of the massive security breaches that hit the headlines over the past few years. Rogue River Community Credit Union, in collaboration with it’s partners, worked to ensure the safest possible payment methods and online Banking services.

In closing, I will keep the membership updated quarterly on the progress and event news happening at Rogue River.  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you.


Erika Bauer, CEO